The American Dream Obsession In The Great Gatsby

Fitzgerald’s sad novel, The Great Gatsby, tells the story of a protagonist who can’t afford to spend his millions on true happiness. Jay Gatsby’s story is about a man who lives a fabricated lifestyle, living the “American Dream” for his entire life. Gatsby had no idea what it meant, and he was not able to enjoy true happiness or peace-of-mind. Gatsby would do anything to make Daisy happy. Gatsby becomes obsessed with living the American Dream and soon realizes that wealth and lifestyle can’t buy true happiness.

Jay Gatsby had a hard upbringing and has worked tirelessly to realize the American Dream. Gatsby is known for telling lies and saying things that were out of his control. Gatsby was out of control and his descriptions of events in the “past”, led him to a situation where he eventually had to pay the price. What is generational wealth? Gatsby claimed that his family had passed it on to him, but he was lying. He thought it was a smart idea to lie about his past, but it would eventually catch up with him. Gatsby didn’t get along with his parents so he left home and began to plan for Daisy’s return. Gatsby’s entire family was poor, and we were farmers who failed to make ends meet. That is exactly why Gatsby started libbing about his life. After Gatsby started telling lies so many times, the truth began to be obscured. Gatsby also sold illegally in Chicago, which is how all this money nonsense came about. Gatsby had a habit of bootlegging, which is how he earned his wealth. Tom and Daisy were shocked to learn about Gatsby’s extravagant lifestyle of throwing large parties and enjoying a luxurious lifestyle. He was just a few years older than Daisy and Gatsby, and was about to enter World War I. He suddenly has all the money and it’s downhill from there on. Tom inherits wealth from his parents, which includes nice cars and big houses, luxurious lifestyles, and a beautiful girl. Gatsby got everything he desired in his life. Tom finally realized what Gatsby was doing. “It took Tom to find out the truth about Gatsby’s life and expose him as a fraudster and criminal. Tom recognized that Gatsby was untrustworthy and acted in a strange way when he met him for the first time. Tom suspects that Gatsby has been a bootlegger since his first encounter with Gatsby. Gatsby was not born with his money. He wanted a place where he could fit in. “Gatsby also insists he is the child of wealthy Middle West residents who are all now deceased. I was raised in America. I went to Oxford. All my ancestors are educated there. It’s a tradition in my family. This was Gatsby’s first step towards moral decline. He didn’t realize his life was quickly ending as a result of these hoaxes and lies.

Gatsby has experienced a lot loneliness in his entire life. It is because he only had one goal in life and that was to be with Daisy forever. Gatsby created this lavish lifestyle to impress Daisy and make her his wife. He never sat down at any of his extravagant parties. Gatsby had one purpose and only one purpose: Daisy. Daisy, however, left behind all the effort he had put into achieving his extravagant lifestyle.

Gatsby was determined to live the American Dream. However, he lived a life of lies and fraud. Gatsby wasted a lot of effort and time trying to get Daisy home. Gatsby claimed to be old money but actually earned his living bootlegging. Gatsby was a millionaire and spent his money on extravagant parties in an effort to impress Daisy. Jay Gatsby’s rich lifestyle is a façade. Gatsby was born from the dreams and hopes of James Gatz, a young boy who hoped to one day become a wealthy man. The novel’s setting is one of moral decay. Living life to get cheap thrills and pretending you live a certain lifestyle will only lead to problems. George Wilson killed Gatsby for trying to make a living out of lies. Gatsby becomes obsessed with the American Dream and soon realizes that he can’t afford true happiness.


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