Social Construction And Performance Of Hegemonic Masculinity In Michael Kimmel’s Guyland

The Novel of Michael Kimmel, Guyland is a story about men between the ages 16 and 25. To find out how these young men handle the transition to manhood, a few were interviewed. The transition to manhood is a difficult one. Kimmel wanted to give a few examples of young men who had experienced it.

As long as humans have been living on this planet, men have struggled to maintain their masculinity. This is what you see in every day life. Young boys learn that crying is weakness, and showing emotion is reserved for girls. This view of men has misled children for centuries. Kimmel believes young men have been told by their parents that having a sexual relationship and engaging in video games is the way to go. Kimmel also believes that it is important for them to be able to “fit in.” Young males should be proud of themselves and not feel ashamed or embarrassed about anything. Kimmel does not always minimize women. However, in many of his works, they are only mentioned as an example to their male counterparts. He compares and contrasts the thinking styles of men and women.

While women are more capable than men in adulting, some stereotypes have caused women to feel that they have to prove it. There is an unwritten rule that women are superior to men at all tasks. Women had to overcome the fact that men were dominant and show that they can improve. Stereotypes have caused women to be un-superiors. Men rule and stand at the top, and women have had to learn to compete with men.

Today’s women have more jobs than ever and often make more than their male counterparts. There are some men who try to assert their dominance and act violently, which can lead to rape or even death. Men often see women who are independent and self-respecting as “bitches” but they are often praised for their ability to conform and shape themselves to men’s expectations. In guyland, women try so hard for equality, but they still must follow the rules set by men, or they will be expelled. Women undergo a different transformation than men, and one that must chastise women for being what they are. Kimmel interviewed almost four hundred people over four years. He even went as far as to seek out additional information from multiple sociologists and authors in order to compare the behavior of boys and girls. We must examine every aspect of the reasons why the transition between adolescence to adulthood doesn’t work well. It even includes the economic part.

Our society is like a survival game. It is easy to wander off the path that is meant for you. Men are prone to settle. They want to feel at ease. Because it is too warm and snug for the baby to emerge from the womb. Society is full of illusions. We believe the right people are doing the wrong thing and the wrong things are good.

“Most men do eventually become men. They may believe they are providing manhood by inhaling, drinking, watching porn, and hooking-up with all the women they meet. Most men drift into adulthood.” They think they have the right to do everything, but the truth is that today is a virtue, tomorrow is not yet known, and yesterday is history. We have forgotten that nothing is guaranteed to us. Therefore, living life to its fullest and finding true love is about focusing on the good and not worrying about “what if”.

Men find it difficult to share their feelings with the world around them. Most men are so focused on showing their masculinity they forget to see the bigger picture. Our young men, especially those of color, must be valued. We can do a lot to ensure that we don’t abandon men who are in need of guidance all their lives. Soon we will realize the difference between living paycheck-to-paycheck and living a full, happy life. Many men are so consumed with “feeding their families” that they forget to enjoy the happiness of living. This will eventually become a common trend and men will be motivated to live a better life and get more for themselves. For this to be a reality, men will have to make some changes. Once that happens, they will wonder why they were so concerned about dominance, manhood, or feeling superior to women. “Many aspects of Masculinity can be extremely valuable. In fact, qualities such honor, respect, integrity and doing right despite the costs are what it is all about.


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