Redesigning And Fabrication Of Multi Tree Climber

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The range of coverage or study.






An evaluation of how ergonomically suitable something is



Some people can climb trees with their feet, which is similar to the monkey’s foot. The rope is then used for climbing the tree. The rope is not able to be used by all humans. Professional climbers can’t climb trees safely because human life is so important. This project is safe and easy to use for the general public.

The project focuses on the construction and redesign of multi-tree climbing machines. This project will make tree climbers safer. The ergonomics of multi-tree climbers are key to redesigning. Professional climbers have limited ability to climb trees. The device allows the average person to climb trees with a high degree of safety. The majority of skilled workers can climb high trees to harvest palms and coconuts without the need for safety devices. India is known for its high rates of fall from trees. There are many musculoskeletal issues that workers in India have to deal with. There were many ideas for this multi-tree climber at first. This multi-tree climber has seen many designs and different concepts. There are two versions of the multi-tree climber: one that is standing and one that is sitting. Three models are available for the sitting design. Each model is unique. The frames of one model are both made from metal. The second is made of ropes. The third one uses chain rather than ropes. The beam that holds the tree is the top frame of the first model. The tree can be held by ropes or chains in the two following models.

The standing model is also useful for climbing trees. Multi-tree climbing devices are now very popular and can be used by many people. Only professional climbers could climb trees in the past so we hire them to climb the trees. The traditional method requires more effort and can result in fatigue. The traditional method can only be used for a short time.

It’s more than just for coconut. Coconut oil, foam, and coir are just a few of the many byproducts. This can also be used for checking the health of trees like the ALB insect. You can use the multi-tree cliber for this purpose. Multi-tree climbers can be used to accomplish these multiple purposes.

The multi-tree climber can help us meet all our requirements. You won’t feel fatigued while working with it. This multi-tree climber can be used for a long time.

Range of coverage

This multi-tree climber can help increase production. This tool can be used by an average person to climb as many trees possible. This tool will yield more coconut than traditional climbing methods. The farmer can make more money by using it. This will increase safety and reduce fatigue for climbers.


Multi-tree climber with the following features is our main goal

Weigh less

For easy transport, the product should be lighter than usual. It’s easier to lift it from the tree than if it were heavier.

Lower cost

Reduce the manufacturing cost so there is less profit but a lower cost.

Dependable power

This product will be used to protect human lives. This climber must be able to support loads.

Ergonomically appropriate

This will increase comfort and reduce fatigue.


It is our main objective to improve the multi-tree climber’s ergonomics, which will reduce fatigue and increase safety for users.

For the human survey, we took the common problem that people suggested as a problem. The bar on which they sit is an elliptical shape which causes pain and irritation when sat for long periods and works on the beam. To increase safety of climbers, an additional safety measure is implemented.


A literature survey was conducted to determine the requirements for multi-tree climbers. There are many design options that can be used to meet the comfort and needs of multi-tree climbers.

This shows that tree climbers are in high demand. They will be more safe and produce more.


Cad software is used to create the design of the multi-tree climber. The design consists two frames: the top and bottom frames. In order to provide greater comfort, the seat must be redesigned. Locking between the frames provides additional security. Locking mechanisms are used to lock the frames. It is designed to protect the bottom and top frames.


After conceptual design is complete, load the frame with loads. This will give information about the frame’s ability to support loads and the point at which it can fail. This allows you to evaluate the frame’s ability to withstand load. ANSYS is used for this analysis.

The study of how to make tasks easier and more efficient for people to do.

The design needs to be imported into CATIA. The use of the software and its accuracy are the criteria. This is done via RULA analysis. The software predicts the rule score using Rapid Upper Limb Assessment (RULA). The score can be used to determine the ability of a tree climber. The RULA score is a measure of how well the design can be used by humans. Design is considered good if the RULA score exceeds 2.


Once the conceptual design, analysis, and ergonomical considerations of the multi-tree climber have been completed, it is possible to begin fabrication.


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