Importance Of Money In Modern Society

“A wise person should keep money in their heads, but not their hearts” (Jonathan Swift).

According to Webster Dictionary, money refers to any identifiable object of worth. The history and development of money’s exchange and use is covered in the Webster Dictionary. Money can be described as anything that is used for payment of goods, services, debt repayment, or legal tender within a nation. Money is more than just money you make to pay your bills or survive. Money should not become a burden in our lives. Money can be helpful and also harmful for society. Money can be used to start or stop wars, rescue or take lives, and repair or destroy the economy. Edit sentence structure Surgery is a life-saving procedure that can save your own life. However, it costs money. $262,000 is all it takes to get a new kidney. Organ transplants are a common procedure and many people would die if they couldn’t afford the money. Insurance is another form money. However, not all of it comes directly out of your pockets. While you may have to pay the full amount for a hospital visit, it is not always free. You could be saved by this. Hitmen are hired by women to murder their husbands. Someone will risk their life to get the right amount. People seem to believe that money can solve all problems, even if things go wrong. Being rich doesn’t mean you are happy with your life. There are cases where money can bring on stress and make you unhappy. With one exception, if you are unhappy or rich, money will buy you happiness. Money can buy creature comforts.” (Steve Kane).

Money-related crimes like robbing and drug dealing, fraud, etc. People who make illegal money can be sentenced to prison, even though it is illegal. To survive, we need money. But some people are just too greedy to not do the right things to make a lot of money. They will not be caught once they have done it. People love to live extravagant lives and will do any thing to have them. Money can be used to encourage someone or control their whole life.

Everything in our lives is influenced by money. Every day, we work until our retirement. It’s like we live for money. In order to secure their future, students around the globe spend thousands of dollar on college. Millions upon millions of Americans worldwide work hard at school to have the chance to make thousands every year. Many Americans are obsessed with the idea of making lots of money in later life. The ideal you had as a child may not have been possible. Money is important but it shouldn’t be the main focus of our lives. It should not be the main focus of your life. Your country cannot survive without money. The United States has a strong economy.

The Great Depression was an economic crisis that ravaged the world in 1930. Bank failures were caused by money alone. Twenty-five percent of the population was unemployed. Homelessness rose to a total depression. Even the food that we could eat changed because of the Depression. Many people were left without food and shelter, and many became homeless.

Taxes are the money you pay to help the government invest in technology and education. Taxes are essential because schools, roads, and transportation would not be possible without them. We will face jail if we use any of our own hard earned money. An expansionary policy in monetary is when the central bank uses its tools for economic stimulation. This could make it easier for people to live comfortably. Also, it could increase the society’s unemployment rate.

It is clear that the economy is an important part of society. Without money, there would not be much. Although it has a significant role in society, money should not be our only source of income. Money is more than just a piece or paper. Money can make it easier to live, but can also be used by others to destroy our lives. Money can take us away from our purpose. America’s economy, which determines the future of the country, is money. Money can lead to many hardships, as well as a lotta luxury. Money makes the world turn, in reality.


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