The Review Of The Autobiography ‘night’ By Elie Wiesel

Elie Wiesel’s autobiography, “Night”, tells of the experience of a Jewish teenager who was imprisoned in concentration camps during World War II. Eliezer grew-up in a tiny Transylvanian community called Sighet. He studies both religions here, the Torah as well as Cabbala. Eliezer was dedicated to his God-fearing faith at the beginning of World War II. His faith began to slowly weaken by the war’s end. Eliezer’s main struggle is to maintain his faith in God. As he continues to face more challenges, this becomes increasingly difficult.

Moshe teaches Eliezer the basics of his religion. Moshe shows Eliezer how religion is founded on two ideas: God is everywhere, and faith is not based solely on answers. In the course of time, people have become more devout, believing that their god is going to bless them. Eliezer prayed every day, despite having no reason. The Nazis were brutal executioners. The Jews were tormented as soon as the Germans reached Sighet. The Germans forced the Jews to move from their homes into Ghettos. Eliezer’s hatred for Germans grows when he first encounters them. His anger was fuelled by the brutality with which they attacked women, elderly and children. Eliezer says, “I hated them” when he first sees Auschwitz. Eliezer is shocked as he watches truckloads full of children being thrown in a pit. Eliezer has been deeply affected by Auschwitz’s horror. He is haunted by the Germans’ murder of innocent Jews. The Germans tortured Eliezer in a methodical way. The Germans took his identity away and made him “A-7713”. Eliezer must run naked and in freezing cold temperatures, just like an ape. Eliezer continues his ‘nightmare,’ as he is punished after catching Idek sleeping in bed with a Polish Woman. Idek cruelly tortures Eliezer using whips. Idek’s rage causes him to brutally attack Eliezer. Eliezer was severely abused by the Nazis. Unintentionally, a child saw the dark side.

Eliezer begins to doubt God when he sees Nazi brutality at Auschwitz. “But why should I bless him?” Eliezer rebels against God. Eliezer is once again swayed by his religious beliefs when he witnesses Pipel’s brutal hanging. Elie’s belief is weakened by the horrors that he experiences. But he still returns to faith. He prayed that God would give him strength to “never do the same thing Rabbi Eliahou’s grandson did”. Eliezer is now aware of how much his dad means to him. Eliezer holds his father’s hand tightly when they arrive in Birkenau to ‘not lose him’. Eliezer inherits his father’s inheritance when he is selected for selection. He tried to protect Eliezer even though his father thought he was going to die. The father of Eliezer suffers the worst when he has to hand over his golden crown to Franek. Eliezer, who is a son of Shlomo and has been abandoned by many other sons for selfish reasons, begins to stand up for his father. Eliezer fights his father for the sake of his remaining family members. Eliezer, a young boy who was dependent on his parents, was becoming a man. When his father died, we saw Eliezer mourning his father. Eliezer loses his will to live. Eliezer, whose father died, has been scarred for life by the death.

Eliezer WIesel’s Night tells about his experiences in Nazi concentration camp. This autobiographical book is set in World War II. It deals with Nazi crimes. Eliezer experienced the horrors of the Nazi camps during World War II. Eliezer was deeply affected by the war. He had suffered many losses. His life was forever changed by the brutality that he witnessed. Eliezer became agnostic after experiencing Auschwitz horrors and German immorality. Eliezer suffered another devastating effect after the death his father. Eliezer was no longer the happy child he once had been. He now exhibited depressive tendencies. Eliezer has developed a value system through his pain. Eliezer did not lose his faith. He kept his morals, however.


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