The Legacy Of Nelson Mandela In South Africa

Nelson Mandela was elected the first democratic president of South Africa on 27 April 1994. He received.62.65 percent of the vote. Nelson Mandela, 77 years old, was elected the first black president of the country in May 1994.

Mandela worked hard to save South Africa from economic collapse during his presidency. He had to end apartheid during his first term as president.

RDP was a South African socioeconomic policy. It was first introduced by Mandela’s ANC government. It was created to address the enormous socioeconomic problems that Apartheid had caused. The RDP provided support for the creation of jobs and housing for South Africans. Mandela was on a mission to reconcile the nation and uphold a settlement between blacks, whites, and both. He encouraged black South Africans not to hate the former national rugby team. The team had suffered from many difficulties during the 1995 Rugby World Cup. South Africa was also allowed into the World Cup for first time.

Mandela signed a new Constitution to the nation. The constitution established a central government with majority rule. It guarantees freedom of expression and minorities’ rights. The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (CC) approved it on 4/12/96. The Constitution was based on the values Human self-respect and equality, as well as the advancement of human rights, freedoms and freedoms.

He introduced the Growth, Employment and Redistribution macroeconomic program in 96 to facilitate rapid liberalization. It encompassed the removal of exchange controls, privatization and liberalization of trade. It had a huge impact on the country’s economy.

Mandela retired as an active politician in 1999. Mandela was asked to assist as an independent body in the negotiation of peace in Burundi, central Africa. Mandela took part in money-raising efforts for the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. This fund enabled Mandela to raise funds for education by constructing and reservation schools. These facilities are called “Madiba magic”.


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