“Shitty First Drafts” Rhetorical Analysis

Anne Lamott’s anecdote has an impact on students and writers. She is both funny and sarcastic, which makes the article very appealing. Her primary purpose is to make it clear that it’s perfectly acceptable to write terrible sentences and “shitty initial drafts”. (176). Lamott is clear in her acceptance of the fact that everyone makes errors. She shared both her thoughts and personal stories, along with her beliefs. She explained that professional writers can’t write masterpieces quickly and efficiently. Lamott uses rhetorical devices to entice readers and keep them interested in her message. Anne employs several rhetorical tools to accomplish her goal. An anecdote she shares about her experience with food reviews in California magazine. She explains that panic would set in even after years of doing this. I would try to write an outline, but instead I would write several dreadful sentences. After that, I would try to get it right again. Then I felt like a x-ray apron and feel depressed and worried. This gives her credibility and makes her more trustworthy.

It is possible to share her personal experiences and tell how difficult it was for her to write her first draft despite all her hardships. Anne Lamott expressed concern that her writing was weak. However, she realized that a rough draft can help her get started. She finds that no matter how many drafts she makes, her final piece is always unique. This gives her a good laugh. No matter how unorganized your ideas may be, they can still be very interesting. Anne Lamott employs humor to keep her audience interested and engaged. Anne Lamott says that she likes one of her coworkers, but not the other. We don’t think she has a rich, inner life. God doesn’t like her. (Though Tom, my priest friend, suggested that this could be safely assumed when God turns out to hate all the people you like. She was referring to how her friends are very talented writers, but they don’t all write beautiful first drafts. This is funny because it is hilarious. Humor is a great idea. It keeps readers interested and makes writing memorable. This can make a sentence memorable. Anne included sarcasm because humor is a way to make a sentence memorable. Lamott’s first paragraph begins with “now, especially better news than the one of short assignments” (177). This instantly draws the reader to the article so they can continue reading about what’s next. Stress is something that many can relate to. This is not only due to the stress of the assignment but also because they have to do their best.


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