Plot Summary And Review Of Madame Bovary By Gustave Flaubert

In this novel, Emma reveals her innermost feelings and desires. According to what I read, she seems selfish, uncaring, and even crazy. Emma needs stimulation. This may be sex, or it could just be attention. She can’t get out of her own head. The men who she flirts with will give her what she wants, even though she is married. Emma is helping her father, who has broken his leg, in Les Bertaux. Charles comes into her life as she tries to help her dad. Charles has visited us multiple times in order to fool us into thinking that he wants to visit Monsieur Rouault, but he actually wants to meet Emma. After listening patiently to her ramble on, he decides that he will introduce himself. After they get to know eachother, both of them decide to marry. Emma has been a good wife and mother up until this point. She redecorates the house, adding her personal touches.

Emma starts to feel more miserable and irritated by her husband. She has depression and is experiencing uncontrollable swings in her mood. Emma has no chance of doing him wrong in Charles’s eyes. She may have a beautiful face, but her personality will remain confused and unreliable. He loves her to such an extent that he can’t see the truth about what she has done. Emma’s health was a concern, so they moved to Yonville-l’Abbaye. Sadly, things didn’t improve. She loses Djali. Leon Dupuis was a young clerk when she arrived. Both quickly became close friends, sharing many common interests like music, reading, etc. After they got to know eachother better and became more close, she realized that Leon loved her. Emma and Charles’ home life isn’t going well. Her frustration turns to rage. Emma makes up a fantasy about Leon in order to stop her feeling rage. She attempts to solve her problem by acting like a good wife. Father Bournisien even discussed her spiritual anxiety with her, but it didn’t work. Leon leaves for Paris to pursue a law degree, in part because he doesn’t think their relationship is possible as Emma is married. Emma tells Leon that she may even die if he leaves her. Her emotions get out-of-hand once again. Charles is in a state of desperation, so he goes to his mom for advice. When she comes to check on Emma, the mother starts to berate her instead of trying to help. She claims she reads too many books and that’s why she’s corrupted. Rodolphe boulanger comes into her life as things start to calm down. Her beauty and utility impressed him. Rodolphe later accompanies Emma to Yonville for the agricultural fair. Emma is fooled by his rich man’s flirtatious act. Rodolphe tells Charles that he wants to ride with Emma after the fair. Emma’s instinctive reaction is to resist, as she fears Charles could be aware of them. Emma says yes to the new riding gear when she hears about it.

As they ride their horses, they go into the woods around Yonville to observe. Both realized they shared the same disgust with the town, and also realized how they felt about each other. Both of them walked towards this secretive and hidden glade. Rodolphe declares love to her, despite her initial resistance. She then gives him her body, mind and soul. Emma says she feels different. She isn’t ashamed of being active. She feels almost like she is in a mythical or higher state. This attention has given her the feeling that she can achieve anything. Emma begins to spend excessively on useless items and only buy expensive gifts for Rodolphe. Madame Lheureux has a great influence on her, and she is willing to borrow money or buy the things she desires. Emma does not care at all if Rodolphe discovers that Emma is speaking to him. She is devoted to him, but she also decides on rash trips to Chateau in order to meet him early the next morning. Emma would ask Charles if he were asleep in order to disappear secretly. Rodolphe has to tell her to stop being so careless. Unexpectedly, she is afraid that her sins will be discovered.

Rodolphe is just as manipulative and selfish as Emma, even though she has cheated. He also has had a number of other lovers. Their relationship slows down. She is now filled with guilt and wonders why Berthe, Berthe’s daughter and others can show her love but not Charles. She can’t love him because of an operation that he performed on Hippolyte. Emma becomes excited when she learns that Charles’s procedure could possibly bring him to Emma. She suddenly starts to get closer to him. Sadly, Hippolyte was not cured. His leg was amputated. And she is offended that he can’t help him. Rodolphe’s tainted affection for Emma returns and the two begin to have an affair. The two begin to have an increasing amount of intimacy. Emma wants Rodolphe to run away with them so they can be together. But Rodolphe does not agree.

Rodolphe sends Emma a break-up letter. To be honest, it was obvious that the relationship between them would not work. Both had selfish desires. The worst depression ever strikes Mrs. Bovary. She was so badly affected that she lost her mind, body, and emotions. Charles wants to rescue her from this situation. He will do anything to make Emma happy. Homais suggests Charles takes Emma to Lucia di Lammermoor. It’s about a diversion gone crazy after he/she has to marry someone he/she doesn’t love. She is very familiar with this opera. Emma’s outing may have been terrible, but it did bring some positive results. Charles, Emma and Leon run into each other at random. Leon has just finished his law degree. All of them left early from the theatre to chat. Leon did try to convince Charles to stay another day, so they could’see’ the end of opera. But we knew that this was just an excuse for Emma to see him.

Leon surprised Emma the next morning by surprising her at her Hotel. Emma, despite their mutual love, is keeping her distance from him. She decides that night to break up with him even before things get going and writes him a heartfelt note. Leon is waiting for her on the way to deliver this letter. The two met in Rouen Cathedral. They are involved again as they enter the horse-cab. Emma discovers, as the years pass, that her in-laws are dead. She starts to be impatient and not sympathetic when she returns home with her husband. She needed her time alone to daydream about the new man she had met. Monsieur Lheureux, who was trying to sell the items she wanted to buy and discuss all her loans, showed up in her home. Her plate is filled with problems. Emma asks for financial assistance from many people, including Rodolphe. She was turned down by everyone. She not only got rejected financially, she also lost contact with Leon after he didn’t come to see her in the hotel on a thursday evening. Emma is panicking as the world is crashing in on her. She makes a quick stop at the pharmacy on her journey home. She is determined that she will die and so forces Justin to open her closet.

Eventually, the pain will kick in. She is vomiting and in great pain. Charles is in a state of fear and doesn’t have any idea what to do. It is obvious that doctors cannot do anything else for her as her condition continues to worsen. Emma, who is about to die, realizes she already has the love that she’s been searching for. Charles was in a deep, passionate love for her. Emma’s actions were certainly the result of Emma’s own mental and psychological instability. She achieved what she set out to do, but her karma was the final nail in her coffin. She had a lot on her plate, and she was not sure how to manage her finances and love life. It is impossible for me to feel sorry about this woman. While it’s okay to be selfish for yourself, don’t hurt those who love you by being selfish. She knew that death was going to be her fate.


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